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Woocommerce is a plugin of wordpress developed by automattic to build ecommerce site. It’s free and open source. You can use it, modify it for your site. By using woocommerce you can create unlimited products, unlimited categories. You can attach gallery to products. You can upload as many images as you want in your product gallery. You can accept online payment with paypal, credit card, bank transfer. You can also collect cash on delivery. You can configure shipping methods. You can charge for shipping as well. You can sell digital products as well as physical products. You can sell one time product and subscription product. There are many other exciting features of woocommerce.

What is product addons?

Product addons are extra options to a product. You can create variable product on woocommerce. But product variations don’t always satisfy the customers’ needs.
Supporse, you are selling t-shirt. The one who purchases them has a specific need, such as the possibility to add a brief sentence or to choose color, size etc.
These parameters are difficult to be implemented in a product and they would cause a price change according to users’ chosen combinations.
Product Add-Ons allows you to add paid or free options to your products using several field types including radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down fields, custom text inputs and more.

How to add addons to woocommerce product?

You can add addons to woocommerce products using woocommerce product addons plugin. There are many plugins available for this. Some are free and some are paid. Some has free version as well as paid version. Here we will list some free as well as paid woocommerce product addons plugin.

Free woocommerce product addons plugin:

  1. PPOM for WooCommerce
    WooCommerce PPOM (Personalized Product Option Manager) Plugin adds input fields on product page to personalized your product.
    Drag & Drop input fields with many options. Prices can also be added with options. All data will be attached with order and email.
    This plugin allow several input types. check out demo:


  • Text – Demo
  • Textarea – Demo
  • Select (with price) – Demo
  • Radio (with price) – Demo
  • Checkbox (with price) – Demo
  • Date – Demo
  • Email – Demo
  • Number – Demo
  • Hidden


  • Conditional logic
  • Nice Price Display Panel – Demo
  • Tooltip
  • Responsive Grid
  • File Type & Size Settings
  • Hooks/Actions
  • Field Visibility based on User (Guest/Member/Role) – PRO Feature
  • Conditional Fields – Demo
  • Easily Export All Order Meta with Easy Export Plugin
  • WPML/Polylang Ready
  • PO/MO Files included in languages/ directory
  • Compatible with Advanced Order Export For WooCommerce

This plugin has a pro version. Pro versions features are listed below:


2. Product Addons for Woocommerce

This is a lightweight WooCommerce product addon plugin that makes adding custom fields to your WooCommerce product page simpler. With an easy-to-use custom form builder, now you can add extra product options quickly.

You can easily personalize the WooCommerce product ordering page (with custom product options or custom fields) and this extra form data submitted by customers will be shown in website backend and also will be enclosed along with the order details.

How is it useful?

For instance, if you need to collect more information from users (or customer want personalized products ) on your WooCommerce product pages like customer notes, collect numbers, dates, color themes, engrave texts for design services from your WooCommerce product page etc, all you need is this free plugin! (You can enable a lot more features like pricing options, upload field, conditional logic, image selector & color group, add logo, images etc – but these are available only in the premium version now.)


  • WooCommerce extra product options plugin comes with a drag and drop form builder and supports the following form elements: Text field – A normal text input field to collect text data.
     Number field – An HTML5 number input field to accept numbers.
     Radio field – For selecting one option from multiple choices.
     Checkbox field – For selecting more than one option.
     Select field – A drop-down to choose from the available list.
     Textarea field – For input details longer than a single line.
     Date field (depends on the browser) – HTML5 default date picker.
     Color field (depends on the browser) – HTML5 default color picker.
     Hidden field – A hidden input field for admin.
     Password field – A password input text field to collect passwords.
     Email field – HTML5 email field to validate correct email ID format.
  • And apart from above, following HTML tags are also supportedParagraph (p) tag – To set instruction in product page using HTML paragraph tag which will accept basic HTML tags like anchor, bold, image etc.
    Header (h) tag – To set HTML header tags (h1, h2 & h3) in product the page.


Check how woocommerce product custom options are created!

 Front end Demo (See how it looks in the front-end website)
 Back end Demo (Feel free to play around and see how this works in back-end)


Woocommerce custom product addons premium version is supercharged with a bunch of cool features and offered at a nominal one-time cost.

 Custom Price Fields – Woocommerce product price fields can be set for all the fields available with the plugin. The price can be a fixed value, percentage value of the product base price or based on a custom formula.

 Custom Price Formula – To calculate price using a mathematical formula based on user input value, product quantity and product base price.

 Upload Field – To collect file from users which can be images, Videos, Documents and anything that is supported by WordPress.

 Multi-select Field – This allows users to make multiple selections from different choices.

 Image Selection – helps to set custom images to choose from. Admin can add as many images in the backend in any size and it can be configured to select multiple as well as a single image.

 Color Group – works the similar way the checkbox and radio groups works, it can set custom color box or circle instead of the default checkbox fields and the selected item will marked with a check mark.

 Custom Date picker – (supports for all browsers) – Date field, date and time field are available with this plugin. Users can choose the date from the custom designed calendar also can enter the value directly.

 Time Picker (supports for all browsers)- Shows a list of time slots from which user can select one.

 Custom Color picker (supports for all browser) – The user can select the color form the custom designed color picker. The value of this field will be hex color code which admin can view along with the order.

 Conditional Logic – To show or hide some fields based on the value selected for other fields. 18 type of conditions are available in this plugin.

 Google Map Place Selector – Location selector using Google Places API for suggesting the location as user types. Also user can select a location in the map provided.

 Grid/Column alignment – Now you can easily align fields inline as grid/columns.

 Tool Tip and Help Text – Help text for each field can be set, which can be shown as either tool tip or as a text alongside the label.

Paid woocommerce product addons plugin:

  1. Product Add-Ons
    Developed by woocommerce.
    Product Add-Ons is one of the most popular extensions available for WooCommerce. It gives you and your customers even more options, including (but definitely not limited to):
    Image-based selections
    A picture’s worth a thousand words, so why describe a customer’s personalization options when you can show them? With image-based selections, customers can see what they’re getting before they buy.
    Flat fees
    Charge customers a flat fee regardless of how many products they ordered. Perfect for a one-time set-up charge or a rush fee.
    Percentage fees
    Charge a fee for the add-on based on a percent of the total price—this is especially useful for service-based add-ons that can be tougher to boil down to a flat fee.
    Text input
    Let your customers enter custom text to create a custom t-shirt, add a monogram or personalize a card.
    Customer can chose between a few pre-defined options with a drop-down field for your add-on.
    Make customization as easy and satisfying as checking a checkbox. Great for add-on services, like gift wrapping or express shipping.
    Custom price
    Let your customers name their price, perfect for tips, donations and gratuity!

What the plugin does

You will be able to add custom fields to your product pages depending on your specific needs.

How I can benefit from it:

  • You will sell customizable products to your users aiming your business at another market niche;
  • You will increase the average value of orders by offering users extra services in which they are probably interested.

Using YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons you can offer custom products based on your customers’ need, in order to give them a chance to see and purchase exactly the product they are after, immediately increasing your sales and improving customers satisfaction.

With YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons you could find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in less than 10 minutes. You only need to enable it and add advanced options immediately on your products, such as checkbox, text area, uploader, radio button and select, which will allow you to sell your products with an unlimited number of combinations and to show users the price change in real time.

This plugin was born from the many requests we received from all of those customers who wanted more from their WooCommerce based stores and who considered their basic settings to be somewhat limited for the store they had in mind.

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons is ideal for all of those who offer products who cannot simply be bought by adding them to cart, a plugin that allows you to sell customizable products, variable services and offering prices which adapt to customers’ requests.

Offering a custom product means increasing the conversion rate on your sales and improve the relationship with your customers, which are going to see your store as a portal built specifically for them which values their needs.

Need Help with woocommerce product add on? We are 24 hour live to help you. Contact us on messenger or visit out facebook page.

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