WordPress 404 error

What does it mean?

It means your requested url was not found on the server. The content may not be exist or deleted from the server. It may also shows because of wrong redirect rule.

How to fix wordpress 404 page not found error?

First go to permalink page and save the current permalink structure. Now try to reload the page and check if the error has been resolved. If not, set permalink structure to “plain” and try to load the error page with with plain url not custom url. It the issue solved, then the issue is with redirect rule. If not, then try deactivating all plugins and switch your theme to default theme like twentyninteen.

This will obviously fix the issue.

Want an expert to fix it for you?

Great! You are in right place, We have fix this issue for many sites. We could fix it within 1-2 hours.
We charge only $50 for it.

How to order?

It’s very easy. Click on right bottom yellow messenger icon and let’s chat or comment below or visit our facebook page and send us a message.

What information would you need?

We would ask for wp-admin and hosting access.

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