WordPress speed optimization service

Service Description:

We will review your site structure and optimize the files, database and image so that your site get load faster as well as get good score in google page speed, gtmetrix. We will enable lazy load if your site contain too many uses, it gives user better experience.

Cost: $100

How to order:

Contact us on our facebook page or using the live chat.

What information we need?

We will need wp-admin and hosting access.

Why choose our service:

  1. Same day delivery
  2. php optimization
  3. database optimization
  4. image optimization
  5. cache creation with premium wp rocket plugin ($49 value)
  6. CDN integration
  7. cloudflare integration
  8. js and css minification and combination

WordPress is little slow by nature. Without optimization, wordpress site can be panic. That’s why almost all hosting company now offer optimized wordpress hosting. It costs much higher than usual hosting price. If someone wants, it is possible to optimize wordpress by self.

How to optimize wordpress site?

There are some common practice that can improve wordpress site. Like creating cache, reducing image sizes, combing, compressing css, js etc.

Speed optimization on Managed wordpress hosting

Managed wordpress hosting are very popular because of their performance. Managed wordpress helps to load wordpress site lot quicker. They have built in caching, cdn etc.

But your site coded badly, you may face loading issue and get low score on gtmetrix and google page speed tool.

We are able to optimize wordpress sites on managed hosting and get loading experienced and good score on speed tool. Here are some popular managed hosting provider:

WP ENGINE Optimization

Wp engine may be the most popular managed wordpress hosting provider. We know how to wpengine works and help our client to achieve great score when they are using wpengine. Wp engine does not allow to use ordinary caching plugins with their platform because they have built in caching. That’s why optimizing sites hosted on wpengine need some outstanding expertise.

If you are on wpengine and frustrated with low loading time, don’t think it is wp engine issue. Lots of worldwide popular sites are hosted on wpengine.

Contact us, we will help you to improve your site and have good score on gtmetrix, pingdom and page speed insight.

Speed Optimization on Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is slow because, resources are limited and lots of site use same resources.

We do wordpress speed optimization for sites hosted on shared hosting.

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