How to speed up wordpress sites?

These are the most frequently asked questions how to optimize wordpress sites, how to speed up wordpress sites, why wordpress sites are slow etc.

It is not hidden that wordpress sites are slow. But there are ways to make wordpress sites fast. Here are some tips on how to optimize wordpress sites to get fast loading.


Hosting is the first factor for any kind of website speed. Choose a good web hosting company.


Host your site to nearest datacenter to your location. If your business is in australia, then find asian center instead of usa or europe. Most company use usa based datacenter, Good host will give you option to choose datacenter.


Theme is one the of most important thing in wordpress. A badly coded theme can slow down your site. A badly coded theme can be hacked easily and make your website down. If you use custom theme, make sure your theme is developed by experienced developers. If you would like to ready theme, you can find some on themeforest or in wordpress directory. Always make some research before purchasing or installing any theme, Read the review of that theme user.


Plugin is great feature of wordpress. Using plugin you can extend your site wordpress sites. But don’t use too much, Use only the one you really needed.

How a plugin can slow down your site?

Suppose a plugin have 10 features, you need only one feature of that plugin. When you use that plugin, the other 9 features code also executed when you run your site and that make your site little slow.


Cloudflare is a very good service, Using clouldflare service, you can improve your site response time.


WordPress is a dynamic css. When you access a wordpress page, it runs and all files and then serve you the result. By creating cache, your site will run like a static site. It will greatly improve your site. There are many free as well as paid caching plugin. W3total cache, fastest cache, autoptimze are very good plugin. They free version as well paid version. WP Rocket is a premium plugin and very good too.


If you use lots of images, your site will be slow. Always optimize your images to exact size rather than inserting a large image and resize using css. You can optimize images yourself or using online service. There are wordpress plugins as well that can optimize your images when upload them.

Lazy Load

If you have long content or lots of images, enable lazy load. It will help to improve your site performance.

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