How to choose cheap web hosting?

Threre are lots of web hosting company today. It is very hard to find a cheap as well as good web hosting company.

Some offers cheap price but service is not good. Some provide poor support but products are good.

What you need to think when your are looking for cheap hosting?

  1. Price: Compare price with other hosting company. Some offer cheap price for first payment only. After first payment, price goes much higher. Some shows cheap price, but when you go to checkout page shows higher.
  2. Service: Read product description carefully when you look for hosting. How much space and bandwidth they offer. How many visitor the plan you choose can handle. Check control panel, if it is easy to manage. Ask if theres any file limit or hit limit per minutes.
  3. Support: Most company says 24/7 live support. But many company have not really 24/7 live support. Some company takes long to reply support ticket. So be careful on this.
  4. Money Back guarantee: Don’t forget to check if the hosting company you looking offers money back guarantee. It may happen that after signing up and creating your first website, you find that the company are unable to meet your need.

After reviewing all of the above criteria, we suggest A2HOSTING.COM.

A2hosting price starts at $2.96(summer sale running).
A2hosting has 7 days money back guarantee.
They provide 24/7 live support.

They are best known for thier price and their server speed.

We are affiliate of a2hosting and offer one month free wordpress and hosting support, when you sign up with a2hosting.

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