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Find answers to frequently asked questions about our domain checker tool.

A domain name, or simply domain, is similar to a home address in real life. It’s how people find your site online – they enter the domain in a web browser or search engine. is a domain, just like and Ideally, a domain should be registered under the same name as the brand it’s representing.

It is important to purchase domain names to help potential visitors find your site. Without assigned website names, we would only be able to access them by entering their IP address, which is more difficult to remember.

While performing a domain search to look for a good name, you can include keywords or brand names.

Some of the best practices for purchasing domain names include the following:

Length. Keep it short. Two to three words is ideal.

Simple. Don’t use any lengthy or hard-to-spell words.

Keywords. Include a keyword from your niche. For example, if you sell coffee beans in Seattle, try

Avoid numbers. Numbers are hard to remember and make everything more complex.

Brand name. Buy a domain name that includes your brand for maximum recognition.

No, once you register a domain, you cannot change it. However, you can purchase another domain name and move your website there.


The minimum registration period for domain names is one year. With Hostinger, you can also register .com, .net, .org, and other domains for up to three years.

If you want to make sure that your domains are always registered to you and keep your website available online all the time, we recommend setting up automatic renewal.

No. The www in front of a URL is not a part of your domain.

If you add www in front of your desired domain in the domain name checker’s field, the final website address will look something like this: For that reason, you should not add www.

Type your desired name in the domain name search tool to check its availability.

If it’s not taken, you can add it to the cart and purchase the domain. If it is, we will provide other great options.

It’s free to check domain availability and there are no special requirements for buying a domain name. We only require basic contact information and a valid payment method.

You can also buy domains with us and point them to another hosting provider.

Think of your domain name as your home address and web hosting as the physical structure, like the house. A domain can help people find your site; hosting is the online space to store your website data. To publish a website, you'll need to buy domain and hosting services so that visitors have an easier time finding your site on the internet.

While it’s technically possible to have one without the other, they work best together. This is why many hosting companies offer domain names and many domain registrars offer hosting services.

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