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Helping Zambians With Albinism

About the company

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light of the world foundation
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Light of The World Foundation


Since our origination, the Light of The World Foundation has been dedicated to the eradication of poverty and the protection of the vulnerable in Zambia. Our organization’s objectives are real time interventions, implementation by complimenting governments efforts “to coordinate national programmes by improving livelihood of Persons With Disabilities, Persons with Albnism, Orphans and Vulnerables in Zambia, in line with the National Policy on Disability.” The objectives are aimed at addressing real term issues of improving livelihood through advocacy and implementation

Light of The World Foundation

Founder AND president

Janet Mwansa Kakusa

Currently Senior Lecturer at Zambia Institute of Special Education; Found and President of Light of The World Foundation; coordinates programmes of persons with disability in line with the UN Conventions Rights of Children (CRC) and The Disability Policy, “through addressing issues of advocacy.




Cory Flynn

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Jenna Coates

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“The lawyers at this firm are very professional and talented. They always impress me with their knowledge and dedication.”

mark Dixon

Truva Properties LLC, Founder

“We have been working with the firm for over 15 years. They handle all of our company needs and we’ve never been let down. Highly recommended.”

Phillis Reed

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“Jenna was so compassionate and really seemed to care about my case! She was so nice to work with and helped me get the results I wanted!”

sara Barker

Personal Injury Client

Albinism advocacy in schools

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Light of The World Foundation
light of the world foundation

Light Of The World Foundation

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Collaboration on charity works

People with albinism are often excluded from education and have limited opportunities to earn a sustainable income. They lack access to basic medical care and most don’t have the knowledge or money needed to adequately protect themselves from the sun.

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